🌹 luxury asks. 🌹

bubble bath: do you have any routines before bedtime? like skin care, etc. what are they?
champagne: what topic could you talk about for hours?
crushed velvet: have you ever used your charm to get something you want?
diamonds: how do you feel about excessively spending money?
faux fur: describe your wardrobe.
glitter: describe someone special to you.
gold: describe what you would call the most perfect meal.
jazz: name a song that resonates with you and your emotions. explain the reason why.
lace: what is something in your life completely different from last year?
lingerie: do you consider yourself a promiscuous person?
lipstick: do you enjoy talking to strangers?
pearls: what’s something about your personality that surprises others?
penthouse: what would you consider your dream home? describe it.
perfume: if you could make your own signature fragrance, what would it smell like?
robe: how do you prepare for an evening alone with a loved one/date?
roses: If it had to be winter, autumn, spring or summer for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
satin: what is your most favorite article of clothing?
sheet mask: what’s your favorite lazy activity?
silk: do you have more inner or outer beauty?
silver: do you have any obscure hobbies? what are they?
sparkling water: what are your top three songs for the summer?
wine: what kind of drunk are you (happy/affectionate, angry, sad, fun/wild)? if you don’t drink, what kind do you think you WOULD be?

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