can everyone please keep in mind that there’s something bigger than “tumblr didn’t watch this show so they’re to blame for its cancellation” when it comes to shows like sense8 and the get down getting cancelled?

those two shows are frequently listed as being the most expensive shows netflix has on their roster. they were going at over a hundred million dollars per season. think about that, and then think about how many times you’ve seen either of those shows advertised. 

and then think about how many times you’ve seen thirteen reasons why or orange is the new black or stranger things advertised in comparison.

netflix, as a company, chose to give these shows with highly diverse casts the biggest budget and the smallest amount of advertisement possible. you know what happens when you don’t advertise tv shows? people don’t watch them.

i’m not talking about tumblr user #5754783 deciding not to watch the get down because they are (rightfully) uncomfortable with its depictions of abuse/assault or twitter user #2423857 deciding not to watch sense8 because they are (rightfully) concerned about its depictions of cultures close to their hearts or their tendency to prioritize white characters narratively.

i’m talking about the masses of casual netflix users who don’t get into fandom culture. the largest block of netflix’s audience. the people who clicked on OITNB because they saw commercials on TV and advertisement on facebook. the people who saw 13 reasons why getting hyped up for months before its release because netflix did the leg work to get news about it out there.

so here’s the shit netflix seems to be pulling right now:

  • throw a huge budget at highly diverse, imaginative shows and reap the benefits of people applauding them for doing so
  • pull advertisement so that no one watches them
  • cancel them and blame lack of viewership
  • watch tumblr/twitter standom go after random users who didn’t want to watch the show (absolving netflix as a company of blame for it)
  • renew All Str8 White Show #2456 for a sixth season

it’s………really fucking transparent, guys, so maybe direct your anger in the right places


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