your life was my life’s best part | quentin & laurel

So the deal is that I had started a video with this particular song for something else entirely but never got very far and there is a part of this song that reminds me so terribly of Laurel and Quentin (hint: it’s the title of this video and the first lyrics you hear when this video starts) and I just – started picking away at this video.

I’m not entirely sure what it is except for an expression of my bitterness concerning how the writer’s handled Quentin’s grief. That man loved his daughter so much even when they weren’t seeing eye to eye and yet they wrote it like he was over her death almost as soon as it happened and that is part of the reason I stopped watching right after 4×19.

I couldn’t bear to go on watching this show knowing that they suddenly made Quentin care so much less about Laurel after her death and Oliver suddenly care so much more.

I am forever going to be bitter about this shit.

As a warning, there is a brief shot of Laurel’s body from 4×19 from :29 to :32.

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